For Clinicians

Many health care providers administering cognitive testing are using the MOCA or MMSE, but not getting paid for their work. BOCA provides rapid, mobile cognitive assessments and personalized cognitive care planning that are reimbursable. Clinical practices can use BOCA and reimburse for CPT 96138, CPT 96132, and CPT 99483 for cognitive assessment administration and interpretation. Practices may also consider CPT 96116 as an alternative telehealth CPT codes for cognitive testing. The BOCA test, combined with a few additional questions, can meet the requirements for CPT 96116.

Many treatable conditions such as sleep disorders, mood problems, heavy metal accumulation, as well as lack of movement and social interactions can affect memory and thinking . Longitudinal monitoring of cognitive health can help clinicians assess if an underlying condition is causing cognitive decline and guide timely therapeutic interventions. Standard cognitive assessments are not suited for monthly cognitive evaluations. First, they ubiquitously rely on trained professionals. While this approach has a high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of dementia, it is time and resource consuming. Second, the number of variations of standard tests is often limited resulting in strong practice effects. BOCA be performed at home using randomly-selected non-repeating tasks to minimize practice effects.