For Researchers

Longitudinal monitoring is essential for testing novel interventions designed to reduce or reverse cognitive aging. BOCA is an invaluable tool for long-term cognitive monitoring. BoCA is an online instrument which evaluates global cognition through the completion of tasks spanning eight domains commonly included on other familiar screening instruments of global cognition (e.g., wordlist learning and delayed recall, repeating numerical sequences forward and backward, executive functioning, mental arithmetic, visuospatial reasoning, language and orientation). The BoCA uses randomly generated, non-repeating stimuli when assessing each domain, thereby enhancing its utility for serial assessment and long-term monitoring of cognitive status.

BoCA has the unique advantages of being automatically scored and utilizing random and non-repeating stimuli to reduce the risks of practice effects, which may be especially beneficial for patients or research projects where cognitive tracking is required.
BOCA is currently utilized in several clinical trials studying the effect of cognitive intervention, pharmaceutical treatment for Alzheimer’s disease,

COVID fog, researching the effect of anesthesia and preoperative treatment, long-term effect of cancer drugs, as well several observational studies of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

BOCA is royalty free. Please email us if you are interested in using BOCA in your clinical studies.